Get excited for spring 2023! The interior design trends are all about color, statement pieces, and creating a party atmosphere. Here are our top nine tips for refreshing your home:

  1. Colorful decor – with a focus on apricot, blue & red. Embrace your love for color and express your personality with shades of apricot, red, and blue in textiles, lamps, and interior details.
  2. Spotted details – in irregular shapes. Dotty details in irregular shapes are this spring’s biggest trend. Add playful craftsmanship to your space with candle holders, lanterns, or a trendy lamp.
  3. Modern retro – oldie but Goldie. Give your home a unique vintage look with colorful accents, playful patterns, and colorful fluted glass. Check out a colorful vase, or fill your glass cabinet with colored fluted glass!
  4. Statement vases – for spring flowers. Go big with statement vases from Louise Roe Copenhagen, Marimekko, and Cooee Design, perfect for a lively and intimate atmosphere in your home.
  5. Pleated lamps. Revive old memories with pleated lamps, a vintage look that’s bang on trend.
  6. Contrasts. Decorating with contrasting interior details is a top trend for spring 2023. Mix colors, materials, and trends that show off your personality and create a personal home you’ll love.
  7. Organize your home with smart storage. Create a calm home with a well-organized space that helps you feel good on the inside. Embracing trends that promote well-being are key this year.
  8. Luxurious bedrooms – create a hotel feeling in the bedroom. After a spring cleaning, invest in luxurious bedding and good lighting to create a hotel feel. Add cozy throws and plenty of cushions!
  9. Create a party atmosphere at home – turn your every day into a party. Why wait until the weekend or a festive occasion to create a party atmosphere? Dress up your everyday life and make each day a little more special.

Incorporate these spring 2023 interior design trends into your home, and get ready to celebrate! Check out the Juice Wide vase from HAY or a yellow-striped vase and dessert bowl from HAY to incorporate some of these colorful trends into your space.