Crafting is a great way to add value and appeal to your home. And what better month to celebrate craftiness than National Craft Month? Here are some tips on how you can use crafts to improve your home:

Sellers: First-time buyers always look for signs that the home they’re about to purchase has been well cared for. One easy way to show you take pride in your home is by adding personal touches with handcrafted details. Adding a doormat made from natural materials or a welcome sign created with paint pens adds a nice touch without being overbearing. As listing photos are often the first thing potential buyers see, ensure any areas in the image where crafting would be visible look inviting! Steer clear of too much clutter, but if you have cleverly displayed family photos or other memorabilia, make sure they’re dusted and prominently featured.

Buyers: If you’re not naturally crafty, don’t despair! Plenty of ways to add value to your new home without getting your hands dirty. For example, many hardware and paint stores offer classes on everything from choosing the perfect color scheme for your walls to refinishing old furniture. These classes typically cost less than $100 and can save you money in the long run by helping you avoid costly mistakes. There’s also no shame in enlisting the help of a professional when it comes time to make significant changes like adding an addition or finishing a basement – after all, they know what they’re doing! So whether you’re a weekend warrior or prefer to leave the heavy lifting (and gluing) to someone else, there’s no excuse not to celebrate National Craft Month – and improve your home in the process!

Get inspired by some of the world’s most famous art galleries.

For home decor inspiration, there’s no better place to look than the grand art galleries of the world. Each gallery houses countless masterpieces from renowned artists across centuries, from the Louvre in Paris to the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Visit these hotspots virtually or take a much-needed holiday if you can, and get inspired with crafty ideas to make improvements at home that will increase style and value. Whether recreating a classic still life on your wall or adding pillows to your sofa with colors featured in one of Monet’s garden studies, art galleries offer unique home design possibilities. With limitless ideas, get creative and transform your home into a real work of art!

Use old newspapers and magazines to make paper mâché sculptures.

Crafting with newspapers and magazines isn’t just a fun way to recycle – it can also be a great way to make something beautiful. Making paper mâché sculptures might seem intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy! Who knew a hidden artist was inside us, ready to express themselves with a little shredded paper? Sure, it takes some time and elbow grease, but you’ll love the result when your creation stands tall in pride. Don’t just throw out those old newspapers and magazines – get creative and transform them into one-of-a-kind works of art!

Turn an empty wine bottle into a vase or candle holder.

With some creativity, you can repurpose your little glass friend into something beautiful. Utilize its empty interior to fill it with flowers or create your candle holder. Not only will you reduce its environmental footprint, but you’re also adding a unique and handmade touch to your home. If you find yourself with an empty wine bottle but no one to share the rest of it with, don’t throw it away – recycle it! And if guests come over and ask where you got such a crafty creation from, why not say, ‘I made it myself!’

Make your pottery out of air-dry clay.

If you want to add extra creativity to your everyday routine, why not try working on your handmade pottery? With air-dry clay, crafting beautiful art pieces is easy and incredibly satisfying! You’ll spend pleasant afternoons at the table with a lump of clay and a few tools, producing unique creations in no time. Not only will you have the satisfaction of seeing something genuinely special evolve from your hands, but you can also turn it into an opportunity for small business success. Once you’ve mastered your craft with air-dry clay, you can show off your work and sell it to others! Give it a go – who knew there was a secret artisan inside us?

Paint a mural on one of your walls.

Painting a mural is the perfect way to transform any dull wall into a show-stopping masterpiece! Adding a mural to your walls will make it an eye-catching work of art and can also be used to express yourself. It’s a crafty idea that will add value to any room and give it personality – and best of all, you’ll be satisfied to create something beautiful with your two hands! So get ready to uncap those paintbrushes and let your creativity shine brightly.

Knit or crochet blankets, hats, and scarves for your home

Crafting warm, cozy accessories for your home is a great way to add texture and personality to your space. Whether you knit or crochet, blankets, hats, and scarves make great additions to any room – from the living room to the bedroom. Not only will these plush pieces provide some much-needed warmth during chilly winter days, but they’re also the perfect way to spruce up any drab decor. Whatever crafty idea you decide on – why not have a little fun while bringing home a unique style?

Your home is your temple, and we hope you’re inspired to start using crafty ideas to improve its value and appeal. So there you have it – six crafty ideas that can help you make improvements to your home. From creating art gallery-inspired pieces to turning old wine bottles into vases and crafting items out of air-dry clay, the possibilities are endless with these creative tips. Get started today doing some crafts to improve your home! Who knows how great the results could be? Maybe you’ll even become an amateur artist – the world is your oyster!


Photo by Nik on Unsplash