The trending home colors for 2022 are, in a word, serene. Think in shades of muted green, natural tan, and washed indigo blue.

In the painting above, the greens and the light blues give a sense of an early morning. One can almost feel the mist rising from the grass and trees as the sun begins to warm the day. Before the hustle and bustle of the day start in earnest, this view of the morning hills instills a feeling of tranquility and serenity. These tones from nature inspire the trending color palates this year.

A peaceful setting is essential to a work area, as well as to the places we unwind. It is only natural that people are attracted to these hues from the world outside of our homes. The recent pandemic has blurred the division between home and workspace. Many are still working at home.

Washed Indigo Blue
Think of a faded, often washed pair of comfortable jeans or the color of the sky where it meets the horizon. These are colors that remind us of comfort and peacefulness. Blue also reminds people of water. For many of us, a prolonged bath soaking in a tub of warm water is a pleasant and restful way to end a day. For all of these reasons, a shade of Washed Indigo Blue is an excellent addition to a home.

Muted Green
A refined organic green refuge with its roots in nature will bring a calming influence to any shared space in the home. To emphasize the relaxed mood the use of other nature-inspired shades should be used. Neutral shades found in nature such as brown, wood colors, and slate are suitable for accents.

Natural Tan
Natural tan with its golden undertones that attract light and makes even a windowless room seem to glow. White, used generously beside this color, will enhance feelings of healthy well-being, warmth, and vitality. When choosing a natural tan color, think about beach sand or golden wheat.